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As an ad-hoc choir, we don't have regular rehearsals, or indeed members.  Therefore it stands to reason that we can't audition, pay subs, or anything else that you would expect a choir like ours to do.  Mercia Chorale is the perfect high-standard group for people who are too busy to commit to an evening rehearsal every week, and we'd love you to come and join us.  There are some parameters you need to consider first though:

  • Lots of our singers are very busy, often singing, and so there are very few (3 or 4) rehearsals per concert programme.  This means that a lot of the note learning is on you, and the Director will make sure you can access music well in advance of the first rehearsal.
  • Our singers travel quite a distance (often over an hour) to rehearsals, so being committed once you have committed to a project is important; there is nothing worse than getting to a rehearsal and finding the only other person singing your part has not learnt the notes (see above)...
  • We sing challenging repertoire that requires you to be able to read music, and follow over a score.  Rehearsals move quickly, so good musical "geography" is important.
  • Whilst we take our musical output very seriously, we do like to have fun as well, and ideally get the balance right between the two.  Although our singers are very good, we are not "full-time", and there are moments where this is more obvious!

So despite your better judgement and what you've read about us, you fancy singing with a bunch of people who put fun and musicianship together?  Marvellous.  THERE IS NO AUDITION WHATSOEVER, so please do not be scared!  Whatever your voice part, do get in touch, and bring a friend with you. And/or wine for after the rehearsal.

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